All unions collect dues, it’s how we generate the money needed to serve our members.

For those who have never been a member of a union, however, dues can be a new thing and employers will often try to scare workers about the dues they will pay.

So it’s natural to have a few questions.

What are union dues?

Union dues are the way workers pool their resources through a regular contribution to ensure they have the means to defend their collective interests.

With dues from its members, Unifor provides a high level of professional and quality service both at the local and national level.

How much will I contribute to union dues?

Union dues are based on a percentage of your earnings at a rate set by a vote of the membership, whether you work part-time or full-time. Bonuses and shift premiums are not included in this calculation and you do not pay dues when you are off on workers’ compensation, leave of absence, maternity or parental leave, or sick leave.

You do not begin paying dues until one month after you vote in favour of your first collective agreement. The use of dues is overseen by democratically elected representatives at the local, regional and national level in a transparent process, and can only be changed by a majority vote of the membership.

The current dues rate is 1.35 per cent, or $1.35 for every $100. Union dues are 100 per cent tax deductible. The amount appears on your T4 slip, along with other deductions, at tax time.

How will my union dues be spent?

Union dues help to provide services to Unifor members:
  • legal services
  • health and safety expertise
  • bargaining representation
  • training and education
  • pension and benefits experts
  • and much more.
Pooling our resources at both the local and national level give us more power and a stronger voice as workers. How your union spends the dues is determined by the membership at local, regional and national meetings of member delegates in an open and democratic process.

If you have more questions about dues, or anything else, please contact one of your organizers.

Billy O'Neill, Unifor
[email protected] | 416-605-1443

Edmonton, Calgary
Bruce Fafard, Unifor
[email protected] | 587-341-0945

Murray Gore, Unifor
[email protected] | 604-671-9141

Patrick Murray, Unifor
[email protected] | 506-850-7996


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