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Once certified Unifor will have the legal power to negotiate on your behalf to bargain a strong collective agreement covering the terms and conditions of your employment. It’s time to take action before more jobs are outsourced or the AEA settles on inadequate agreements that do not look out for your future.

You have put your trust in WestJet’s employee associations with an expectation that they would look out for your interests but the facts show that they just don’t have the power to reverse any of the decisions made by ONEX.

In today’s latest announcement from the AEA, we see in Brad’s update to WestJetters that Tier 3 Bases or any station with less than 50 people will not be participating in the Joint Planning Committee (JPC).

The AEA has been telling you since July that all outsourced workers no matter the size of the location would get to participate in the JPC. Isn’t it time to admit that the AEA just isn’t up to the job!


July 8, 2020
The JPC for tier 2/3 stations is in the process of being formed as it will be a separate committee from the TAC/GSA JPC. The notification sent to the minister yesterday is specific to only TAC and GSA and a second notification to the minister will be sent specific to tier 2/3 and we will communicate when it is to be sent.
Brad Cherrington
AEA Chair

August 10, 2020
As you know, the Tier 2 and 3 JPC has not yet commenced as the official notice to the minister has not been sent. The AEA has been very clear with WestJet that regardless of size, we want to see all groups provided the same requirements and entitlements in terms of notice and severance. This is something our AEA representatives have made clear is a priority for you and in turn for us. As the notice has not been sent to the Minister and the RFP process is still being completed it is not yet known how the notice and transition will be structured. As the process develops, we will continue to be your voice and be involved.
Brad Cherrington
AEA Chair

August 19, 2020
Tier 2/3 JPC
Our work continues to further understand how the Tier 2/3 JPC will be structured and fulfilled. Our stance and persistence to WestJet has not changed in terms of including all our members in the JPC outcome regardless of group size Our stance and persistence to WestJet has not changed in terms of including all our members in the JPC outcome regardless of group size. WestJet has told us that it is still early in the process and the Tier 2/3 JPC structure has not been finalized.
Bradley Cherrington
AEA Chair

August 26, 2020
Tier 2/3 JPC
We are still gathering feedback from Tier 2 and 3 stations in order to form an accurate representation of our membership's severance preferences. The JPC process has not yet begun for these members but we want to continue to be prepared.
Bryan Lunn
AEA Executive Vice Chair

September 10, 2020
Tier 2 & 3 JPC
We continue to hear from our members in Tier 2 & 3 stations around their desires for our next Joint Planning Committee (JPC) discussions. WestJet is aiming to send the Notice of Termination to the Minister at the end of this month. This notice will name all Tier 2 stations as they have employee groups larger than 50 individuals. This will then spark the 16-week consultation process including the forming of a JPC. Those stations not officially named will have their severance determined through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that will follow the timeline of the JPC.
Brad Cherrington
AEA Chair

In addition to failing to adequately represent the rights of this group of workers, the AEA continues to stay quiet as WestJet moves forward with a November target of outsourcing by awarding contracts to ground handling companies at YVR, YYC, YEG and YYZ for GSA work.

YVR - Strategic Aviation (SA)
YYC and YEG – Samsic
YYZ – Aviation Airport Services  (AAS)

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