YVR and YYC Membership Update – Special Edition September 1st, 2022

Well friends, todays the day! A year ago this week, your bargaining team met for the
first time to begin the process of developing our very first Collective Agreement. After a
lot of work, determination, debates, tears, courage and even some laughter, we made it
to the implementation of our Collective Agreement! This agreement delivers long
awaited wage increases and improvement to our working conditions.

Congratulations to all of you. You were involved in every step of this agreement. When
you shared with us your stories of long nights, overtime, IROPS, and the general feeling
of being disrespected and not heard in the workplace, we listened. We listened to our
coworkers tell us about guests who yelled and screamed at you. Our hearts were
broken when we heard you tell us that you were burnt out and afraid to go to work. We
took those stories to the bargaining table with us, and we shared them with passion and
anger, fighting for a better workplace.

We know there is still work to be done but we have gained protection, fair wages, and a
voice in our workplace. As of today, your new wage increases come into effect. You
will see the wage increase on your September 30th paychecks for the pay period of
September 1-15th. Congratulations! We will also start to see union dues coming off our
pay at a rate of 1.35% on the September 30th paycheck. These dues are necessary for
the support that Unifor provides and allows us to build a strong organization who stands
behind us.

If you don’t have a copy of the Collective Agreement, there are still a limited number of
paper copies available. In YYC, the extra copies are in the Owners Lounge underneath
the bulletin board. You can contact Sherwin Antonio if you need assistance finding
them. In YVR, there is a box under the table in the lunchroom by the YVR Base bulletin
board. Just a reminder that copies are not the final agreement, as editing is required;
articles needed to be numbered, grammar and spelling corrected to ensure it is 100%
accurate. We will let everyone know when that is completed, and a copy will be
available to pick up.

Come by the Team Rooms in both YYC and YVR today for a frozen treat as a small
token of the big changes coming. In the coming months, we will be planning a
celebration at each base. Watch our membership updates for more details soon.

In Solidary
Mark, Breanne, Karen, Sandeep, Sherwin, Lindsay, and Jamie