To All Toronto Unifor Local 531 Members 

Subsequent to the ratification of your collective agreement, we are moving forward with the elections of two positions within your Local Union Executive Board (EB).

The purpose and role of the EB is to administer, and manage the funds and affairs of the local union in accordance with the Local Union by-laws and constitution, assist in the managing of the Collective Agreement and to participate in and promote the overall goals and objectives of the National Union.

The respective positions and a brief description up for the election are listed below.

Training, support and guidance will be provided to all successful candidates upon the completion of the election.

Unit Chairperson (1 position)

A Unit Chairperson is responsible for administrating all facets of the collective agreement in conjunction and support of the elected workplace leadership, including workplace representatives, health and safety representatives and the bargaining committee.  In addition, the Unit Chairperson reports on their workplace issues and concerns to the EB for deliberation and additional actions or support. The successful candidate will work closely with the other Unit Chairpersons in YVR and YYC as well as the President of the local.  They will be scheduled time out of the operation to perform job functions related to their new role. 


Trustee (1 position)

Trustees are responsible for audits of the local union finances in accordance with the National Union Constitution to ensure policies have been followed and full transparency to the local union membership. The successful candidate will work closely with the other Trustees in YVR and YYC as well as the Secretary-Treasurer of the local.  They will be scheduled time out of the operation to perform job functions related to their new role. 


Election Rules and Process

Nominations for the positions will open at 0900 EST on Tuesday, May 16th and close at 0900 EST on Monday, May 22nd. 

All nominations must be sent via e-mail to [email protected] clearly indicating the name of the member and the position they are being nominated for. A member is entitled to self-nominate for a position if they so choose.

Shortly after the close of the nomination process, all candidates will be contacted to determine if they wish to stand for the position nominated and must confirm their wish to stand by 1800 on Wednesday, May 23rd. 

If an election is required, it will commence at 0900 EST Wednesday, May 24th and conclude at 0900 EST Tuesday, May 30th.

Successful candidates must receive a majority of ballots cast, and in the event due to more than 2 persons running for a position, a candidate does not receive a majority of votes, a run-off election will take place.

If required, the run-off election will commence at 0900 EST Thursday, May 30th and will close on 0900 EST Monday, June 5th. 

The election will be conducted electronically by a neutral 3rd party provider, Simply Voting, and details of the vote will be forthcoming. All eligible voters will receive an e-mail with instructions of the voting process and access to their electronic ballot shortly before the vote commences. All results will be posted and e-mailed at the conclusion of the voting times.

The election will be conducted in accordance with Unifor Policy C-100, Policy Regarding Local Union Election.

The full policy can be found and viewed at this link:

 If you have any questions or concerns or do not receive your voting instructions, please contact us at [email protected]

 Yours truly,

John Aman
Senior Director 
Local Union Matters 


Billy O’Neill
National Representative
Organizing Department