Momentum is building with WestJetters in Toronto YYZ as more and more workers look to Unifor to solve workplace challenges.

In union organizing drives, often the Union is required to temporarily switch staffing levels to ensure enough resources are on hand to answer questions and provide clarity on the steps needed to join the Union.

In Toronto, November 1st-5th, Unifor is responding to an increased demand for resources. Unifor will have organizers at the airport working around the clock to meet these demands. We will also have members of the Unifor WestJet Bargaining Committee from YVR and YYC available as a resource to speak with you about the Unifor advantage.

WestJetters at YYZ and YEG have realized that they need a seat at the table with their employer to have a real voice in the workplace.

In addition, Unifor is hosting “Open House” information sessions to support the organizing efforts of WestJet workers in Toronto. We hope you can drop in and stay as long as you like on Wednesday, November 3rd and Thursday, November 4th from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Boardroom 246 at the Sheraton Gateway. (snacks provided)

The buzz about Unifor has been circulating throughout the airport. New contacts reach out each day wanting to join YYC and YVR at the bargaining table to negotiate their first collective agreement.

Workers have been asking about such things as what it means to sign a union card (it means you’ve taken the first step to gain a voice in the workplace), how soon they might get a first collective agreement (YYZ and YEG will join negotiations as quickly as possible after more than 50 percent of workers have signed a card and the labour board has certified Unifor as your Union)