Candidates for Unit Chair Election

Keaton Cole  - YYZ Chair nomination

Mayooran Kamalanathan – YYZ Chair nomination


Erica Kelly - YYZ Chair nomination

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Unit Chairperson (1 position)

A Unit Chairperson is responsible for administrating all facets of the collective agreement in conjunction and support of the elected workplace leadership, including workplace representatives, health and safety representatives and the bargaining committee.  In addition, the Unit Chairperson reports on their workplace issues and concerns to the EB for deliberation and additional actions or support. The successful candidate will work closely with the other Unit Chairpersons in YVR and YYC, as well as the President of the local.  They will be scheduled time out of the operation to perform job functions related to their new role. 

The election period will commence at 0900 EST Wednesday, May 24th and conclude at 0900 EST Tuesday, May 30th.

Successful candidates must receive a majority of ballots cast, and in the event due to more than 2 persons running for a position, a candidate does not receive a majority of votes, a run-off election will take place.

If required, the run-off election will commence at 0900 EST Wednesday, May 31 and close at 0900 EST Monday, June 5th. 

The election will be conducted electronically by a neutral 3rd party provider, Simply Voting, and details of the vote will be forthcoming. All eligible voters will receive an email with instructions on the voting process and access to their electronic ballot shortly before the vote commences. All results will be posted and emailed at the conclusion of the voting times.

The election will be conducted in accordance with Unifor Policy C-100, Policy Regarding Local Union Election.

The full policy can be found and viewed at this link:

 If you have any questions or concerns or do not receive your voting instructions, please contact us at [email protected]

 Yours truly,

John Aman
Senior Director 
Local Union Matters 


Billy O’Neill
National Representative
Organizing Department


Here are your candidates listed in alphabetical order:


Keaton Cole  - YYZ Chair nomination
YYZ Local 531 Bargaining Committee member

In August 2018, I, Keaton Cole, was a part of a small group of individuals who started the union drive here in YYZ without resistance. After many attempts before my presence at WS, this time around (pre and post-pandemic), we finally successfully certified with Unifor. In Oct 2022, you, the YYZ team, elected me (along with my colleagues) on the bargaining committee to fight for your concerns and well wishes to improve your work conditions. In April 2023, YYZ made history and ratified our 1st collective-agreement; we did that! From the response, it seems that it is a foundation we can build upon. I have grown so much from that experience that I believe I'm ready to continue in Leadership and serve everyone one of you in all possible situations. I consider my involvement with the union and the YYZ team as my baby because I am passionate about helping you and your working needs. I endeavour to be your Unit Chair, administer all facets of our collective agreement, and support you. 

Peace and Love
Keaton Cole


Mayooran Kamalanathan – YYZ Chair nomination

Hi ya, all,

I just want to let you know that I am running for Unifor, Unit Chairperson for local 531 YYZ.

Guys it me CSA Mayooran Kamalanathan, AKA Mayoo. Also, your representative at the OH&S committee and as well as at the Emergency Response committee. You know all that I have excellent communication skills, which you have to have if you want to be a Unit Chairperson.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born and raised in Sri Lanka, Jaffna, and moved to Toronto, ON, Canada, in 1992. I studied from grade 9 to 13 and went to college. I have a diploma in International Trade from the Forum for International Trade Training and a certificate in Customs and Immigration from Humber College, where I graduated with honours as well Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from a Private institute.

I have extensive years of Customer Service, Handling large crowds, and experience in dealing with emergency situations; I was a hospital security guard / Team Lead for many years. I have extensive Business and Security experience and believe I would be a great match for the Unit Chairperson. Who is someone who has the ability to listen and then make the right decision which would benefit the Collective.

When I came to Canada, I started with the Canadian Red Cross as a Youth volunteer. Then I became a Sea Cadet, serving two years up to the rank of Leading Cadet, where I had to age out.

Then I was involved with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), a Co-Chair for Cluster 4 Parent.
Academy, Had a budget of 10,000. My Team and I would create a program for parents whose children are in the TDSB school system, provide them with tools to understand the school system better and provide job-creating workshops and certificates.

I believe I have persuaded your mind to vote for me in the upcoming election for Unit Chairperson.




Mayooran Kamalanathan
CSA, OH&S Representative
Emergency Response Committee


Erica Kelly - YYZ Chair nomination
YYZ Local 531 Bargaining Committee member


Successfully negotiated improvements to the YVR/YYC agreement including full-time lines with full weekends off reflected in both CSA and BSA bids, fresh start sick days upon implementation of the agreement, the mandatory offering of grandfathered casual status positions, CSA, former CSA, and all unionized members’ seniority reinstatement equal to previous years of service, written discipline no longer prevents promotion, an additional .5% wage increase in 2026, immediate double wage increase for CSA/BSAs with 8 years of service or more, retirement package and guaranteed severance for retirement-eligible employees in case of base closure, the retention of BSA premiums, consistent part-time line availability for CSAs, guaranteed company expense provisions of PPE, as well as more flexible partial and shift trade guidelines.


Standardized gate bags.

Organized gates. 

Coordinated airport charity donations for the past 10 years benefiting Diabetes Canada, Ontario Federation For Cerebral Palsy, Kidney Foundation of Canada, English As A Second Language programs, global eye clinics, and local shelters. 


20 lates

8 sick days


Notes on file include checking in a small hardshell PETC, causing a delay at gate and a recent AQD for putting the shoe in its holder after the bridge was already pulled back from the aircraft. 


Familiar with both AM and PM management from 12 years of service as a CSA, 7 years casual and 5 years as FT, working both AMs and PMs, and the most recent 1.5 years as the full-time overnight agent.


No other job, no family, and lives 7 minutes away, making round-the-clock on-call availability possible during the week. Poor phone reception but can text 48 wpm.


What I learned from the pandemic?

If we could park at the Sheraton I would never be late. 


Hobbies include: coffee, smoke breaks,

being awake odd hours, sleeping odd hours, not being outside.


Dislikes: waiting in line at Tim Horton’s, Viscount, being outside. 


Skills include: cleaning up after you, finding your lost stuff, airport French, Google Translate on my phone, and I know where everything is and goes. 

A+++ level expert contract explainer.


Goals: increase the number of full-time lines with weekends off in all departments and more stability for part-timers, advise council of unions on increased flight benefits, pension, the return of employee ownership, food waste diversion program with inflight perishables being distributed to airports,  mental health days, administrative solutions to the Airport improvement Fee and taxable benefit issues, and an end to service award expiry dates.


Close personal contacts within the Menzies union and the Toronto Airport Workers Council.


Has volunteered for both LEAF and  TTCRiders. Anti-racism advocate and public speaker. Active with both $15 and Fairness and BLM. Endorsed by Now Magazine for Toronto City Council 2018. Elected CFO of both the Federal and Provincial New Democratic Party in Etobicoke Centre annually since 2019.