Dear Members

On April 26th, we told you that we had filed for conciliation on April 22nd with the Federal Government as negotiations with the Employer have stalled.  Although we have made progress on some issues it appears that one of the non-monetary issues has created a difference of opinion. We have a vision for the future and we need to ensure that the company shares that vision. With the addition of the conciliators we hope that progress will be made.

On May 6th, we learned that three conciliation officers had been appointed to assist the Union and Employer. The three officers bring with them years of experience in conflict resolution, employment law, collective bargaining, and aviation. When we head back to the bargaining table on May 16th, they will be joining us.  We are pleased with this appointment and are confident it will help us move forward in our bargaining. 

The 60-day window for conciliation will expire on July 5th, 2022 and this date can only be extended by mutual agreement by the parties.  If there is no extension agreed upon, a cooling off period of 21 days will follow.  At that time, the conciliator will file a report with the Ministry of Labour.  Only after the expiry of the cooling off period, and according to the timelines under the Canada Labour Code, can strike action by the Union or a lock out by the Employer occur.   Please know that strike action is only ever taken as a very last resort and only if all efforts have been exhausted during the conciliation process.  For a strike to occur, a strike vote is required to be conducted. 

We urge all our members to stay in contact with your Unifor Bargaining Committee and watch for bulletins and updates over the coming weeks as we progress through the conciliation process.  This is your Collective Agreement and your future with WestJet.  Please be involved and be engaged, we are stronger together.  Please reach us at [email protected]

In solidarity,
Your Unifor 531 Bargaining Committee


Karen Berry
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Mark Enns
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Breanne Laihow
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Sherwin Antonio
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Sandeep Samrai
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Jamie Mote
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Lindsay Landry
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