Unifor Local 531 - Bargaining Committee Update #9 – April 26, 2022 Filing for Conciliation

Dear Members

We are aware that a communication was sent out to YYC and YVR Airport employees regarding Conciliation. On Friday, April 22nd, the Bargaining Committee filed for Conciliation after lengthy and thoughtful conversations and concluded this action was the necessary next step. The Company has stated that this action is premature in nature and that we have been working productively together to date. We disagree with that statement; while we remain committed to working together, we have seen weeks pass without language signed off, with lengthy delays on the Company’s part in response to the Union. The responses we have received from the Company have been unsatisfactory and don’t address our Members primary concerns. 

The Company stated in their email today that they are committed to “working with your union representatives to establish a fair agreement that protects the company’s future and also provides value for you”. We find this statement to be reflective of our bargaining experience; the Labour Relations team is interested in the protection of the Company, not their employees. We, the bargaining committee, commit to put YOU first.

The Conciliation Process

Local 531 began bargaining with WestJet Labour Relations in October 2021 and has been meeting for many weeks. While some progress has been achieved, we continue to remain far apart on key topics of great interest of our Members.

Therefore, the decision was made to apply for Conciliation on April 22, 2022. A Notice of Dispute under the Canada Labour Code has been filed to begin the Conciliation Process. The Conciliation Process is a step that must be complied with as outlined in the Canada Labour Code to allow the parties to reach a final solution to Collective Bargaining.

A Conciliation Officer will be appointed by the Minister of Labour and the conciliation process can last up to 60 days followed by 21 days of mediation. The Conciliation Officer will offer whatever assistance is requested by the parties.

In the meantime, bargaining is continuing between the Union and the Company. In filing for conciliation, this does not alter in any way, our attention and determination to bargain a fair agreement for our Members.  We are looking forward to resuming negotiation talks with the assistance of the conciliator. We will ensure to keep you informed when bargaining reconvenes. 

  • Unifor files a Notice of Dispute to the Federal Minister of Labour (April 22, 2022)
  • Minister will appoint a Federal Conciliation Officer within 15 days
  • The Conciliator will meet with Union and the Company over a 60-day period to facilitate negotiations
  • The parties may agree to extend the conciliation period if negotiations are progressing
  • At the end of this period, the parties enter a 21 day "cooling off period"
  • Conciliator files report to the Federal Minister of Labour


You may have many questions over the next few weeks and while we remain committed to providing you with information, we also must respect the disclosure and confidentiality proposed at the beginning of bargaining.  Please reach out to your Bargaining Committee members either through our personal emails listed below or our collective email at [email protected]

In solidarity,
Your Unifor 531 Bargaining Committee


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