Organizing Outreach continues

Unifor continues to outreach with WestJet workers in Edmonton and Toronto, and we are happy with the number of positive interactions we are having at both locations. We continue to receive Unifor membership cards each week, but we do not have a majority required to apply with the Canada Industrial relations Board (CIRB).

Last week in Edmonton, we had members of the WestJet bargaining committee on site, discussing the advantages of joining them as members of Unifor. The conversations have proven to be beneficial. The bargaining committee members purchased some donuts from a local bakery to share with their fellow WestJetters. These were such a hit with WestJetters that management felt threatened and decided they too needed to buy the same donuts to distribute to workers in the afternoon. We hope management makes this a regular treat for Edmonton WestJetters, not just when the union is around.

Things at work are getting worse.

We hear from many of you about the frustrations you are facing at work with the increased demands and the poor management decisions that have negatively affected you. As a result, you have been reaching out to us inquiring how close we are to filing an application or asking when the union will get in.

The truth is that you can become certified as quickly as your workgroup mobilizes to make a real long-lasting change in your workplace by signing enough Unifor membership cards. It can happen quickly, but that’s up to you and your coworkers.

In organizing drives, to be successful, we need workers to talk openly about why they want to join the union without fear of their employers. In these honest conversations with your coworkers, you will be able to talk about the things you want to change at work and stuff you want to keep the same. Talking about joining the union should be free-flowing between workers, with everyone having the ability to share their wishes for change or addressing their concerns about how things move forward. With respectful conversations, we will feel confident that WestJetters will see the real advantage of joining Calgary and Vancouver at the bargaining table.

Unifor represents almost 700 WestJet employees in Calgary and Vancouver with active organizing campaigns with other WestJetters seeking strong representation as members of Unifor.

If you haven’t talked to your coworkers at YYZ, YEG or the Contact Centre, let them know they can sign a Unifor Membership card today. It is time for them to join you at the bargaining table; they can do this at

[email protected]