When WestJet released its fourth-quarter financial results this week, investors were cheering the company for beating their expectations – and rewarded it with a one-day 3.6-per cent boost to the stock price.

It was a good day for the company, which used the opportunity to talk about the fundamental shifts coming to the company as it pursues new international routes and premium seating and executive tier benefits – which CEO Ed Sims says will continue to add to the company’s bottom line.

Good for the big investors and executives, but what about the workers? While many workers own WestJet shares, it was the big investors and executives who profited most from this week’s news.

As the company goes through this transition, it needs to recognize that its best asset is the people, not bigger new planes or premium seats for passengers willing and able to pay more.

It is the people, you and your co-workers, who make sure travellers get on their flights safely and on time, that their luggage is on board, and offer a hand to any needing assistance along the way. 

For a company planning to bring in major changes to how it operates, it only makes sense to engage with workers on how to best offer new services. 

A union can give you that voice during this transitionary period. In Unifor workplaces, our members have a voice when change inevitably comes, ensuring that their rights are protected and they are able to continue to do their jobs effectively and provide the level of service they always have.

Sign a union card, and make sure your voice is heard as changes come. If you have any questions, contact your organizer.

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