As more and more WestJet frontline workers sign Unifor cards expressing their desire to enjoy the union advantage, we can expect the company to step up its efforts to convince you to remain non-union.

A healthy debate about joining Unifor is important and welcomed. However, just as workers must abide by certain rules during an organizing drive – such as not discussing the union on company time or impeding the business of the workplace – the employer must abide by certain rules as well.

Specifically, the employer cannot:

  1. In any way intimidate, coerce, threaten or use undue influence to encourage an employee not to join a union, or not to participate in union activities.
  2. Threaten loss of jobs or lay-offs, to reduce or discontinue privileges, etc, if the union is certified.
  3. Promise increased job security, improved terms and conditions of employment, grant additional benefits or preferences, etc. if the union is not certified.
  4. Discipline, threaten to discipline or otherwise treat improperly any employee simply exercising their right to join a union and/or participate in lawful union activities.
  5. Assign undesirable work to union supporters.
  6. Exhibit favouritism to those employees who appear to be opposed to the union.
  7. Ask employees at the time of hiring, or at anytime thereafter, whether they have signed a union card, or further, how they feel with respect to unionization.
  8. Attempt to become involved in internal union affairs or attempt to infiltrate the union.
  9. Make rules that have the effect of restricting employee involvement in union activities held outside of working hours.
  10. Indicate that the employer will refuse to bargain with the union if it is certified, or otherwise refuse to recognize the union.
  11. State that a strike or lock out would be inevitable if the union were to become certified.

With so many WestJet workers already joining unions, WestJet is no doubt well aware of the things it can and cannot do during an organizing drive.

If you have concerns about anything the company says or does, or just want more information, please contact your organizing team:

Billy O'Neill, Unifor
[email protected] | 416-605-1443

Edmonton, Calgary
Bruce Fafard, Unifor
[email protected] | 587-341-0945

Murray Gore, Unifor
[email protected] | 604-671-9141

Patrick Murray, Unifor
[email protected] | 506-850-7996



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