Canadian laws set out the basic terms of employment in this country – hours of work, overtime, vacation and more. All workers have these rights, but too often those without a union find their employers abusing these rights. By joining a union, you can not only make sure your basic rights as a worker are respected, but start improving on the conditions of your work.

Can my employer take any action against me for joining a union?

No. The law states that the decision to join is solely up to the individual without any undue influence, threats or coercion from management. Every person is free to join a union of their own choice (section 8 of the Canadian Labour Code).

Does the employer ever find out who supported the union?

No. The law guarantees the secrecy of all membership cards. Employers never find out and never get to see the membership cards.


As a Unifor member, you will have one of the strongest Canadian unions in your corner, helping you win fair wages and an improved standard of living at work.

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Unifor is a Canadian union with a modern, inclusive approach to serving members and improving our workplaces and communities. // Unifor est un syndicat canadien qui a une approche moderne et inclusive pour servir ses membres et améliorer nos lieux de trav