ELECTION PERIOD: Saturday, January 21st, 0001 PST to Wednesday, January 25th, 2359 PST

The Successful candidates will be determined from the candidates receiving the highest number of votes to elect 7 (seven) Workplace Representatives in Calgary and 5 (five) in Vancouver.


YVR Workplace Representative Candidates for Election in Alphabetical order:

Hershcel Agoncillo YVR CSA

My name is Hershcel Agoncillo. I have been a WestJetter for six years as a  Customer Service Agent and was also a member of our Occupational Health & Safety Committee for three years.

I have exceptional organizational, teamwork, and communication skills; I am also a very approachable person, and I am always ready and willing to listen and lend my helping hand whenever needed.

If elected as one of your Union Local 531 Representatives,  I will not promise anything, but I will definitely do my 101% very best to give my full support to each of you.

And I believe that when members are connected, they participate. More participation builds stronger unions and better and safe working conditions for all.


Anna-Maria Demichina YVR BSA

Hello, my name is Anna-Maria, and I am honoured to be nominated to represent YVR as a Unifor Workplace Representative. I started my WestJet journey in 2013, working as a GSA (Guest Service Ambassador), CSA, and currently as a BSA and relief Baggage ALC. I look forward to the opportunity to work closely with Unifor and WestJet to ensure that the Collective Agreement is followed and that my fellow teammates get fair and accurate representation. Some of my passions include party planning and organizing group events, such as breakfast with Santa and summer picnics, as well as art and photography. If elected, I commit to working hard to achieve a positive, fair and safe workplace environment.


Mark Enns YVR CSA

I'm currently a CSA in YVR and have a few hats in Unifor 531. I am part of our bargaining team as well as our current Financial Secretary. I've been acting as an Interim Workplace Rep for the duration of bargaining and since the signing of our Agreement. If elected, I would be honoured to continue to represent our membership as a workplace representative. We have a great team and can't wait to grow our team and our network.


Brandon  Foreman YVR CSA

Being with WestJet over the last five years, I have held a similar position as a CCEA rep (Contact centre Employee Association rep) and held this elected position for three terms. During this term, I handled such concerns as COVID layoffs, Vaccination declarations, agent and manager feedback and 1x1s,  employee recognitions and rebuilding post covid. I am passionate about fair employee treatment and standards and would relish the opportunity to represent my fellow CSAs going forward. Being out on the floor with my fellow agents, I get to hear and witness firsthand the struggles and concerns we deal with on a daily basis, and I would be a fantastic voice for these issues.


Leila (Kristine)   Gabriel  YVR CSA

Hi! My name is Leila, and I am honoured to be nominated for Workplace Representative. I started with WestJet 15 years ago as a part-time CSA. I held a previous position of Brake Rider in a relief capacity, in which I learned a lot about the mechanics of an aircraft! Since then, I have moved into the roles of full-time CSA as well as ALC Relief. I am passionate about equality in our workplace and hope that by being your Workplace Representative, I can help bring your concerns to our leaders and our Union and be your voice at the table.


Riccia Kay YVR GSLB

My intention as your representative is to support positive change for the well-being of all. Inside & outside of the company. My other interests are advocacy for human rights, including families that face poverty in BC.

I believe a healthy work life balance is the best policy. We have all seen many changes over the years.

As your union representative, I promise your mental & physical health are of the utmost importance not only for you but also to running a great company where we are all are respected & love to participate in our work environment.

Join me in a successful corporate structure & let's make a difference together.


Sarah (Daisy) Kelly YVR CSA

Hi! My name is Daisy Kelly. Most of you recognize me as a CSA and Airport Learning Coordinator, and I hope to become your new Workplace Representative. I've been with WestJet for seven years, and my love of the job and my relationships with coworkers have inspired me to accept this nomination. As your Union Rep, I'll act as the link between members, the employer, and the Union on your behalf in any workplace-related issues. I believe I have the experience, integrity, and forward-thinking attitude required to represent and advocate for the members of Local 531. I appreciate the nomination and hope to use my passion for helping and supporting my coworkers for your benefit.


Elaine Keras YVR CSA

My name is Elaine Keras. This September, I look forward to celebrating my 10th anniversary with WestJet. I was hired as a Guest Service Ambassador in 2013 and progressed into the CSA role in 2014. Recently I had the privilege of joining the ALC team in a relief capacity and being acclaimed as a Local Trustee for YVR and sitting on the Executive Board. The knowledge I have gained since joining the Executive Board has been rewarding. I have played a key role in many of the positive changes in our workplace for our membership. I want to continue the opportunity to expand my knowledge in supporting our team. I hope that by being a Workplace Representative and Local Trustee, I can strengthen your voice and ensure you are represented and heard. 


Justin Lawrence YVR CSA

Hello, WestJetter YVR. My name is Justin Mark Lawrence 

I have been back with WestJet since 2021 and currently hold Customer Service agent Baggage Agent Relief and Daily Duty Coordinator Relief for YVR, but I was WestJet TAC in YMM from 2018-2019.

I have many years of aviation experience. When it comes to teamwork and leadership skills, I am also someone who is open to talk to others but also someone with a big heart, just like my parent. But also open to listening to others and giving guidance and knowledge to help others grow and take on new ideas. 

If I am elected workplace representative for Unifor 531 for YVR. I will give it my all for the team, make a difference in the workplace, and provide my support when it comes to the industry. As members, we can connect, stay strong, be there for each other, and not give up. 

Thank you for believing in me, and I hope to get everyone's support during this election.


Daisy (Daljinder) Lidder YVR CSA

"Hi. I'm one of the other Daisy. I  am accepting this nomination because I believe in helping others. Given my nursing background and being part of unions previously, I find myself to be an empathic listener and do my best to advocate, which I would do for my peers. In most cases, when people come to me with a confidential situation they are dealing with, I encourage them to take proper steps to help resolve it. I try to point them in the right direction and even offer to help them find the appropriate person or department. I do have a good amount of knowledge of our CBA, and if someone has a concern, I advise if the CBA isn't followed.

I am also being trained as LCI has helped me foster new relationships getting to know our newer members and supporting them in their daily tasks. I do feel by being a Unifor workplace representative, I would be able to help my peers best and maintain confidence in their situation or concern. I hope to be able to support you should a situation arise and have your support!


Julie Neufeld YVR CSA

I joined WestJet in October 2011 as a GSA and moved into a CSA role in 2012. I initially wanted to work at WestJet because I was interested in the aviation industry, and once I hit the floor here at YVR, I was completely hooked! I love the people I work with and have a genuine desire to see all of us properly supported and resourced. In 2012, I developed a presentation for Accessible Air Travel and lead experiential tours for disabled travellers on behalf of WJ and YVR Airport until the start of the pandemic.

I have been a WJ Special Assistance Team member since 2012 and previously served on our local OSH committee for several years. A major focus of my university degree was on human rights and labour practices. After navigating the difficulties of sick leave and maternity leave in 2016/2017, I collaborated with Breanne Laihow to identify gaps and barriers in our return-to-work process for agents on any type of leave and for improved guidelines that align with our workplace rights for supporting agents returning from maternity leaves. I am delighted to be nominated to be a union representative, and if elected, I look forward to continuing to support our team in any way I can.


Kathy Ozdoba YVR CSA

My name is Kathy, and I am honoured to accept the nomination for one of our union workplace representative positions.

I am currently in my first year as a CSA and BSA relief here at WestJet, and loving it. I've had the pleasure of meeting a lot of you and hope to meet the rest very soon!

I have a long history of volunteering and advocating in various communities, from over 16 years in Real Estate, Special Events Committees, Managing my kids' sports teams and being a PAC President, as well as other executive positions over the years. I plan on continuing to be someone who is approachable and a voice for you when you need it. Thank you for your consideration, and good luck to everyone in the running!


Aaron Smyth YVR BSA

I began my WesJet career over 13 years ago as a Guest Service Ambassador here in Vancouver. For the next five years, I grew the GSA role and fought for better working conditions for YVR and across the network. In 2015 I moved downstairs to the Baggage Services Office and joined the arrivals team, where I remain today. I was an employee rep with the Airport Employee Association for three years. Holding this role was an amazing experience, and I worked very hard to bring the team's concerns to the right levels in the organization daily. In reverse, I also worked to make sure that local and company-wide initiatives and process changes were communicated correctly and to provide proper context. This requires working with management at all levels in a respectful and collaborative manner, and I believe it is one of the many strengths I would bring to this union role. Moving forward, our combined success will not happen unless we approach each problem with measured and constructive solutions that benefit all stakeholders. It would be a privilege to represent you again, and I appreciate your support. 


Sue Tooch YVR  CSA

I'm honoured to be nominated for the position of Unifor Workplace Representative. I am approachable, a good listener and confident of our membership's rights. I am committed to holding our employer accountable. We work here because of our people. I would like to make sure that culture and your dedication is taken care of. It all starts with you!

I was hired in 2010 as a Guest Service Ambassador, and I transitioned to a full-time CSA shortly after. Pre-pandemic, I was a New Hire Guide as a mentor after training and was also on the Emergency response team. I've been a member of the Occupational Health and Safety team since 2016 and I am a GSL relief and an ALC relief.

I have been with the company through many changes and challenges. I remain in this industry, committed to being part of the solution to bringing WestJet back to a profitable, global airline with the best work environment.

I am a busy Mom to 3 great kids. A Kid sports cheerleader and a taxi driver have taken up many years! I now have 2 in university,1 of them is still playing baseball there, and number 3 is in her graduating year. I love the outdoors, hanging out with friends, and travelling, and I am a gym girl at least five times a week.

 I am passionate about being able to help bring forward any concerns and communicate with the Union for resolution. I am confident I can help make a difference for you. Thanks for your consideration.


YYC Workplace Representative Candidates for Election in Alphabetical order:


Shawn  Ayerst YYC CSA

Accepted nomination with thanks to the nominator.


Patricia Black YYC GSLB

I started with WestJet in 2010 as a SSA agent in the Contact Centre. I did that role for about a year and a half. Before moving on to RSD for another year and a half before leaving to further my education goals. I then returned to school to gain a paralegal diploma. After graduating from college for the second time and gaining a paralegal diploma, I went on to work at the Court of Appeal. I worked at both Calgary and Edmonton's Courts of Appeal for three years before leaving to help the Ministry of Justice open their contact centre. When covid hit, I was in between jobs and off work for almost two years. I then decided to try and come back to WestJet, and here I am. I've been back with WestJet for over a year and started as a BSA, growing into a relief GSL-B position.

I want to be a union representative to help my coworkers. It would bring all my work-related worlds together. Having a paralegal diploma and working at the courts gives me a good understanding of the legislation in place along with the legal jargon in the CBA. It allows me to be able to explain legal terms to coworkers in plain layman's terms. Vote for me!!!


David Caroll YYC IROP Coordinator

I just moved into a permanent IROP Coordinator position at the YYC Airport. I am also a relief BSA and GSL-B. I have been with WestJet for 7.5 years, and during my time have worked at the Airport under the Wing, first in TAC, then Air Supply, then moving Above the Wing as a BSA and GSL-B relief before my current role. I have also worked in the Contact Centre as a Sales Agent, Rewards Support Specialist and Command Centre Coordinator during my time at WestJet.

I have also worked for Alberta Health Services for over 16 years, during which I had the pleasure to  serve with AUPE 095, the largest Union in Alberta. I first served on the bargaining committee, during which time we negotiated a fair contract with Alberta Health Services after more than a year of bargaining. During this time, we also established a Chapter for my work group, and I was named Communications Officer, a position I held for two years. I am passionate about worker rights and would be honoured to represent my colleagues in Unifor Local 531.


Rhonda Challen YYC CSA

Thank you to those who nominated me for local 531. I am happy to accept this nomination. I have been working in YYC as a CSA for many years. Over that time, I have had extensive experience navigating the ins and outs of modified work agreements. This has provided me with a solid foundation to guide others through the process. Reading and understanding our new Collective Bargaining Agreement is both interesting and important to me. Helping employees and employers learn and follow the new Agreement is fundamental to improving our culture and success. I fondly remember our company from many years ago, its culture and the fun we had. I would be so happy to help all of us see that return to our workplace. We spend so much time at work, and we should and need to enjoy it.


Amrinder Cheema YYC CSA

I have been with WestJet for 6.5 years. I started in TAC and have been part of TAC DDC & tow teams as well. I'm currently working as CSA and have relief roles of GSL & IROP. I believe that working together and our CBA must be held to its practice. It's our first CBA, and there is a lot of work to be done. And being in the representative committee, I will make sure your concerns are being heard (work or personal).

I look forward to working with you all; together, we can make workplace a better experience for ourselves and our guests. Thank you for all the hard work you do every day. Thank you for taking the time to read, and Stay Safe!


Treena  Danylo  YYC CSA

My name is Treena Danylo. A little information about me; I was born in Newfoundland and moved to Calgary when I was eight years old. I've been in Calgary ever since. I'm a mom to 4 grown children, and I am about to be a first-time Nana. My husband and I have been married for 30 years.

I have been employed at WestJet for the past 5 1/2 years. I started my career at WestJet as a Guest service ambassador, and I was in that role for just over a year before I was hired as a Customer Service agent. At the end of January 2020, I was hired as a WestJet crew scheduler and was in the position for two months before covid shut down the world! I was recalled as a customer service agent in December 2020 and have been in that role ever since. In April of 2022, I was hired as a relief Guest Services Lead; in July of the same year, I was hired as a relief Airport Learning Coordinator.

In the short five and a half years I've been here, WestJet has gone through many changes. Some of those changes have been easy, and others a little more challenging. I work with some of the greatest people, who not only show up on a good day but also come in when they know that it's going to be a super rough one. They give 110% every time, and I'm super proud to get to work beside them all.

I'm looking forward to representing our airport team If given the opportunity. 


Linda DeMott    YYC CSA

I am honoured to have been nominated for the Workplace Representative position for our recently ratified Unifor Local 531. I have worked as a CSA and BSA in Calgary for just over 15 years and enjoyed the empowering and positive environment we had as front-line employees for most of those years. We have seen many changes in our company and its culture, and I remain passionate, as part of this team of employees, to be able to communicate our rights and responsibilities within the Agreement we have formed with WestJet.

I am willing to demonstrate a strong understanding of our union contract in order to advocate for our safety, respect and work-life balance while performing our duties.

I would like to be a representative for this diverse team through open and strong communication, commitment and empathy to build relationships and resolve conflicts for all of the employees that Unifor represents.

Thank you for your consideration.


Tacha El Bakri YYC BSA

I'm Tacha, and my current position is baggage service agent. I would be a good workplace representative candidate as I previously held this position in my last workplace. I have a strong passion for protecting the rights of the workers and working hand in hand with management to make sure everyone's rights are respected.


Tammy Emond  YYC CSA

I, Tammy Emond, am accepting the Unifor Workplace representative nomination. As a workplace representative, I understand that I must work with people to deal with complaints, as well as advise and represent the workplace. My current position Is a CSA, and I enjoy working at the Airport, as it allows me to help people have wonderful new experiences. As a Unifor representative, I will make sure that the Union is heard and give people a person they feel they can talk to about issues that arise. I will create a positive work environment that is cohesive with company policy and union direction.

I look forward to the opportunity to help my fellow members feel included. If my fellow Unifor members choose me, I will be involved in the process of Unifor and will help be a resource people can come to with questions with no judgment or repercussions.


Steven  Evanik   YYC Ramp Service Lead

With more than seven years of airside experience at YYC, I offer a diverse perspective as a Local 531 Workplace Representative. My current role with WestJet is as a Ramp Service Lead, but I previously worked in TAC as a Tow Agent and Crew Chief. I have extensive knowledge of our ground operation, ranging from baggage running, aircraft arrival/departure, brake riding, and navigating the airfield outside the main apron.

In my leadership roles both at WestJet and elsewhere, my priority has always been to provide support and encouragement to colleagues and team members, to the people who act every day to deliver the best for our guests despite the challenges that arise. Above representing our team, my goals are to learn about the roles Above the Wing, to share this knowledge and Below the Wing, and to promote positive working relationships between all our stakeholding teams.

Beyond work, my academic achievements include a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, as well as a Diploma in Theatre Performance. During my time away from work, I enjoy performing live music, playing pond hockey, and thwarting my 6-month-old daughter's attempts to grab and chew on anything and everything.


Kimberly Fisher YYC CSA

"Hello, my name is Kimberly (Kim) Fisher, and I have been nominated for the Union's Workplace Representative. I started with WestJet in the fall of 2021, and although we have had a great number of challenges over the past year, I still very much enjoy my job as a Customer Service Agent and the great people I work with.

Collectively, I have over 27 years of working in the Airline Industry. Previously, as a Flight Attendant, Purser and Supervisor. During that time, for over a decade, I held the position of Union Representative for Health and Safety. I was also part of the Negotiating Team for one of the Flight Attendant Contracts.

I very much enjoy helping my fellow coworkers at work and the challenges we encounter every day, and I would be proud to represent Unifor Local 531.


Kismet  Grewal  YYC GSL

I would like to share why I feel I would be a suitable candidate to represent front-line agents at YYC.

With nearly 14 years of experience with WestJet at the Calgary base, I have seen the company transition through a number of changes and challenges. I have witnessed firsthand, at times, poor treatment of employees and have petitioned on and advocated for my peers in several matters, for example, 30-minute break allotment in the first five consecutive hours. With the base adopting Unifor membership, I strongly believe that front-line staff's rights and entitlements need to be protected and, in some areas, enhanced. I'm privileged to currently be a full-time GSL and act as a buffer between our CSAs and GSMs. I have a strong positive work ethic and have already, in my current role, questioned and, where appropriate and necessary, addressed operational issues such as ITB check-in inadequate staffing level.

Additionally, I am well versed in employee rights in the workplace, aligned with the Federal Labour board. I feel confident that I am adequately skilled to ensure the employer is following Unifor Collective Agreement. For I feel this will benefit of our workplace environment and employee satisfaction.

If successfully granted a Union representative position, I bring a confident, hard-working, articulate and passionate skill set to the table and look forward to providing my support. Thank you.


Ashley   Hillman  YYC CSA

Hello, my name is Ashley, and I've been a CSA at WestJet for almost 14 years. I began my journey in YQY and transferred to YYC in 2011. I am a single mother to 3 wonderful young children. Although I have enjoyed my career with WestJet and the many ups that have come with it, I've experienced some struggles with a work-life balance, some issues stemming from scheduling. I'm positive that with my long-term experience as a CSA and through my struggles and successes, I would be a great asset to the Unifor group by helping my fellow coworkers navigate the Collective Agreement. Throughout my 14 years, I have encountered many obstacles; however, I have grown and now understand a lot of the procedures, policies and rights of all employees. I will always make sure to support and be an advocate for my peers.


Nicole   Isaac  YYC PSA

My name is Nicole. I was born in Ontario, raised in Newfoundland ( AKA The Rock ), and now call Calgary home.

I am honestly just your average woman/mother/superstar, fun-loving human, and I'm not stressed because who really has the energy for negativity? I'm hard-working, honest, caring and assertive—a mother of 3 and a surrogate mother of 2. My house is BUSY just the way I like it! We have two dogs, one cat, one guinea pig, one snake, and a gecko.

And with all that ... 

Bam! Instant problem solver . A logical thinker and self-proclaimed investigation extraordinaire.

Some things I enjoy are hiking, camping, adventuring, live music, riddles, scavenger hunts and meeting new people. 

I have a vast job experience resume.

And each job has taught me valuable lessons. Caring, compassion, listening and understanding, not being afraid of asking questions, and standing up for myself and others.

I'll list a few of my past job positions to give an understanding of the diversity of my experience. I have worked in the hotel industry, as a funeral director, with special needs children as a school helper, Group home care giver for severely autistic adults, owned my own company for several years, As a building maintenance contractor, As a Health and safety adviser and office administration, I now hold the job title of a WestJet GSL.


Jamie Mote YYC GSL

I have nearly 25 years of experience in various departments and roles at WestJet, including Flight Attendant, Inflight Team Leader, Tester Airport Applications, Customer Service Agent, Baggage Service Agent, Employee Representative, and currently, Guest Service Lead. I was also elected into the Unifor Local 531 Bargaining Committee, where I worked with a strong team over a nine-month period. We made history by creating our first Collective Agreement, and I was also a dedicated Workplace Union Representative during this time. Because of my involvement, I have an excellent understanding of our collective Agreement. I truly value our people and would like your vote to continue to be your representative for the next two years.


Sabra Nowlan YYC GSL

After six years with the WestJet Group, Sabra Nowlan has gained experience in multiple facets of the WestJet operation, from assisting our guests as a GSA and at check-in and gates as a CSA. Sabra now shares her years of experience and knowledge as a full-time Guest Service Lead, demonstrating time and time again how she values the well-being of agents here at YYC—viewing these aspects of the operation encouraged Sabra to participate in the union drive.

Being a young mother, Sabra has personally grappled with how the company manages personal concerns and work-life balance. As a GSL, she has seen the increase of recurring incidents among our front-line staff. When elected as your representative, Sabra aims to address the core reasons behind these concerns from an operational perspective.

As a Unifor Local 531 Workplace Representative, Sabra hopes to stand up for and stand behind WestJet employees – addressing questions and concerns from the inside out. 

Sabra's goals as your representative will be to ensure agents are set up for success in terms of safety and training and focus on all agents feeling supported from WestJet, as well as Unifor leadership teams. 


Courtney Paquette YYC CSA

I started with WestJet in 2012 in the contact centre as a sales agent.   In 2016, I then moved to the Airport as a GSA (Guest Service Ambassador) and in 2019 moved to my current role as a CSA.  

A little information about myself: I have three children aged 6,8 and 10. My husband and I have been married for 13 years, and our family lives out on an acreage in Millarville. I am currently an assistant coach for my oldest's hockey team, active on our school's fundraising committee and an Okotoks Pro Rodeo committee member.

I have experienced many changes and obstacles that the company has gone through over the last ten years. Moving forward, as a union representative, I want to ensure that our positions within the company are respected, acknowledged, and safe. If at any point, conflict arises, I want to ensure that the grievance is dealt with in a professional and timely manner.   Safety is and will always be our number one concern, so it is important that safety issues and concerns be at the forefront and prioritized.  

Our union agreement is new, and we are still learning and understanding the terms of the contract. I feel that it is very important that every member of our Union understands the contract, but more importantly, that it is fully understood and followed by WestJet. 


Sharon  Perren   YYC DDC

I have been with WestJet for over 17 years within an operational and support capacity. In turn,  I have spent the last 14 years as a Daily Duty Coordinator, working with teams above and below the wing. Through this time, I have built an excellent understanding of end-to-end airport operations, as well as the various functions and the importance each role plays within the day-to-day operation.   Furthermore, I have established some long withstanding relationships with people across all levels of the organization and thus has made me a strong advocate for my team. I am a process-driven individual and am a strong supporter of fair and equitable practices across WestJet. Alternatively, due to my capacity in DDC, I have touched on various components of the Collective Agreement and have a great overview of current practices.

Finally, my philosophy in life is always to do what's right. I am a firm but fair individual who will always shows up to represent my team within the most ethical standards. As such, through my role in DDC, I try my best to empower the front-line operations and hold them accountable. This in itself has allowed me to strategically set up daily tasks with minimal risk and success.

If elected, I would try my best to represent my team. I believe I can make an immediate impact and contribution.


Sandeep Samrai YYC BSA

Accepted nomination with thanks to the nominator.


Paul Scheirick YYC PSA

Accepted nomination with thanks to the nominator.


Luisa Simms YYC CSA

Hello. My name is Luisa Simms, and I would be both honoured and thrilled to become a Workplace Representative. I have 30 years of diverse experience in the travel industry; I have worked for two other major airlines. I was an independent consultant for ATS, primarily training new hires on check-in and gates. I also had the privilege of being a substitute instructor at SAIT for their Travel and Tourism Program. I have been a proud WestJetter for the past eight and a half years. In the five years prior to Covid, I was a dedicated Airport Learning Coordinator, and I am now currently working as a CSA and as an ALC in a relief capacity. This gives me a unique perspective as I am familiar with several roles within the organization. I am passionate about training the right way and doing the right thing to ensure that our culture of people and of safety thrives. I drive to champion equality, diversity and inclusion for all and ensure respect and fair treatment for all my fellow WestJetters.  If elected, I promise to do my best to contribute to our team culture and to make sure our members feel comfortable and safe having their voices heard.


Lisa Wine YYC CSA

Thank you to my peers for nominating me for Unifor Local 531 Workplace Representative! I absolutely accept this nomination.

In the almost 11 years working at WestJet, currently as a Customer Service Agent, I have always felt that as individuals, we must advocate for ourselves; this will allow me the opportunity to also advocate for each and every one of us. We need to hold the company accountable regarding the laws and our Collective Agreement and have a fair grievance process.

I am approachable, friendly, detail-oriented, dedicated, and trustworthy, and I would be honoured to represent our members. Please nominate me to represent our membership.

The election will be conducted electronically by a neutral 3rd party provider, Simply Voting and details of the vote will be forthcoming. All eligible voters will receive an email with instructions on the voting process and access to their electronic ballot shortly before the vote commences. All results will be posted and emailed at the conclusion of the voting times.

The election will be conducted in accordance with Unifor Policy C-100, Policy Regarding Local Union Election.

The full policy can be found and viewed at this link: https://www.unifor.org/node/7836.

If you have any questions or concerns or do not receive your voting instructions, please contact us at [email protected]

Yours truly,

John Aman
Senior Director 
Local Union Matters 

Billy O’Neill
National Representative
Organizing Department

Further questions?  Please contact [email protected]