Workplace Election Results

We would like to congratulate the successful candidates in the workplace representative elections for YVR and YYC. We would also like to congratulate everyone else who put their name forward as candidates in the election. There was tremendous interest from members who are excited to build local 531 into a strong and robust local union. We encourage you to stay involved and look out for other opportunities to be involved in the near future.  

YYC Workplace Representative Election Results

Turnout: 331 (58.9%) of 562 electors voted in this ballot.

The top (7) Seven have been elected Workplace Representatives in YYC

Sandeep Samrai YYC BSA 165 votes (elected)

Jamie Mote YYC GSL 158 votes (elected)

Luisa Simms YYC CSA 150 votes (elected)

Kismet Grewal YYC GSL 134 votes (elected)

Shawn Ayerst YYC CSA 118 votes (elected)

Steven Evanik YYC Ramp Service Lead 109 votes (elected)

Sharon Perren YYC DDC 108 votes (elected)

Sabra Nowlan YYC GSL   102 votes

David Caroll YYC IROP Coordinator 100 votes

Linda DeMott YYC CSA 98 votes

Lisa Wine YYC CSA 97 votes

Treena Danylo YYC CSA  92 votes

Rhonda Challen YYC CSA 79 votes

Patricia Black YYC GSLB  68 votes

Amrinder Cheema YYC CSA 59 votes

Courtney Paquette YYC CSA 59 votes

Paul Scheirick YYC PSA 58 votes

Nicole Isaac YYC PSA 51 votes

Tacha El Bakri YYC BSA 44 votes

Kimberly Fisher YYC CSA              37 votes

Tammy Emond YYC CSA 31 votes

Ashley Hillman YYC CSA 15 votes


Total     331



YVR Workplace Representative Election Results

Turnout: 176 (53.5%) of 329 electors voted in this ballot.

The top (5) Five candidates have been elected Workplace Representatives in YVR

Sue Tooch YVR CSA 103 votes (elected)

Leila (Kristine) Gabriel YVR CSA 95 votes (elected)

Mark Enns YVR CSA 92 votes (elected)

Sarah (Daisy) Kelly YVR CSA 85 votes (elected)

Elaine Keras YVR CSA 55 votes (elected)

Brandon Foreman YVR CSA 50 votes

Julie Neufeld YVR CSA 46 votes

Riccia Kay YVR GSLB 44 votes

Daisy (Daljinder) Lidder YVR CSA 39 votes

Hershcel Agoncillo YVR CSA 39 votes

Aaron Smyth YVR BSA 37 votes

Anna-Maria Demichina YVR BSA 36 votes

Justin Lawrence YVR CSA 36 votes

Kathy Ozdoba YVR CSA  36 votes


Total     176

If you have any questions or concerns or do not receive your voting instructions, please contact us at [email protected]

Yours truly,

John Aman
Senior Director 
Local Union Matters 

Billy O’Neill
National Representative
Organizing Department

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