Meet the crew that will bargain our first WestJet contract

Local 531 members YYC and YVR,

While the traffic within the airports may have levelled off, your Bargaining Committee is ramping up. Your bargaining committee met over the last two weeksfirst in Calgary and this week, in Vancouver.

We’ve continued the conversation that began at the proposal meetings.

We discussed and debated your proposals and ideas to build our first contract and make our jobs better. The future is exciting as we move towards opening bargaining with the company.

We're hopeful and look forward to WestJet YEG and YYZ joining us soon.

Please spread the word to your friends at other bases and share Unifor’s contact information for any questions they may have.

WestJetters can also visit to sign a card confidentially online.

Together, we fly.

In solidarity,

Unifor Local 531

Sherwin Antonio-YYC, Lindsay Landry - YYC, Jamie Mote-YYC, Sandeep Samrai-YYC, Karen Berry-YVR, Mark Enns-YVR- Breanne Laihow-YVR, Frances Galambosy, Unifor National Representative and Leslie Dias, Unifor Director of Airlines

In this photo:

(Sitting, front) Breanne Laihow, YVR. (L-R) Lindsay Landry, YYC, Jamie Mote, YYC, Sandeep Samrai, YYC, Sherwin Antonio, YYC, Mark Enns, YVR, Karen Berry, YVR

(Not in photo: Frances Galambosy- National Representative. Leslie Dias, National Director of Airlines)