What can I expect from Unifor?

Here are 10 reasons to get you started, but there are more!

A voice - Unifor is a democratic and accountable union, with a structure that encourages and supports your voice within the union.

Better working conditions - on average union members do better in all aspects of their
working conditions than their non union counterparts.

Experience - Unifor has trained and professional staff who ensure that you have the knowledge needed to protect your interest at work.

Benefits - Unifor negotiates collective agreements with health benefits which include vision, prescription, dental and more.

Legal support - Unifor gives advice, support and legal representation to our members so they never have to face problems alone.

Job security - Unifor collective agreements ensures that all management decisions are made in a fair and just manner - eliminating random and arbitrary decisions.

Dignity- When dealing with issues of harassment or favouritism, you are not alone. Unifor will be at your side to handle unfair practices.

Training - As a member, you’ll have access to Unifor’s education programs that can help you develop skills to create a better workplace, community and country.

Safety - Unifor will ensure all Health and Safety legislation is being adhered to and any violations are dealt with promptly, and enshrine proper processes through your collective agreement.

A chance to get involved - Unifor offers plenty of opportunities to be actively involved in your local union and community.

Why is Unifor the right union in my workplace? At its core, Unifor holds the fundamental belief that you and every person of working age in Canada has a right to a good job and the benefits of economic progress. Unifor is truly a union for everyone and already represents members in workplaces just like yours.