In the years since the shooting death of 14 women at l'École Polytechnique de Montréal, 29 years ago today, awareness of violence against women has increased, but the problem continues.

Women continue to be assaulted and killed by strangers and their partners, and every year more names are added to the long list of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

Stopping this violence will require the efforts of many, including all levels of government, police, social service agencies, healthcare officials and our workplaces.

That’s where a union comes in. Unifor has successfully negotiated collective agreement language in many of our workplaces providing paid leave for victims of domestic abuse.

Such provisions enable those assaulted by a partner to take the time needed to get themselves and their children to some place safe, without having to worry about taking time off work or losing their job. Fear of lost income and not being able to care for their families keeps too many women in abusive relationships. The security of a union collective agreement can give such women the confidence they need to make the difficult decisions needed.

Unifor has made paid domestic violence leave a bargaining priority in workplaces where it does not already exist. For those in violent households, this will give them something they need desperately. For those who are not, they will know that their co-workers and friends are able to get the help they need.

It doesn’t stop there. Unifor also donates tens of thousands of dollars a year to women’s shelters across Canada, helping to ensure that women in violent relationships have safe haven.

As well, Unifor’s ground-breaking Women's Advocate program has been bargained into workplaces across the country. A Women’s Advocate is a trained workplace representative who assists women with concerns such as workplace harassment, domestic violence and abuse.

Our greater goal is to end the need for shelters and work toward safer workplaces and communities. As a member of Unifor, you can be part of that effort.
If you have any questions, please contact your local organizer.

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