A few weeks ago, Unifor sent a personal email to WestJet card signers who have expired Unifor membership cards. Since then, a number of people have updated their cards and paid the $5 fee as required by law. Many more have yet to update their card and we are asking your help to spread the word of the importance of updating their Unifor membership.

The Canada Labour Code states that in order for a union membership card to be valid, the worker must have signed the card and paid the legally required $5 fee within six months of the union applying for certification.

An organizing campaign is a big endeavor, and it’s not something that will happen without everyone’s participation. You can play a big part in engaging your co-workers and making sure that they have the correct information about union representation.

The amount of recent change at WestJet can feel overwhelming and at times, it may even feel like you are powerless to stop it. The reality is once you and your coworkers come together with a majority of support with Unifor anything is possible.

It is natural to have a feeling of hopelessness as you watch your friends and WestJet family loose their jobs because of corporate greed by Onex WestJet. Their actions to outsource good airline jobs to the cheapest bidder is unfair to the workers who built WestJet.

It is downright insulting that they then turn to tell you how lucky you are to be offered preferential hiring with these new companies making $10 less per hour with little to no benefits or job security.

TAC has been the first to see their jobs outsourced and service providers announced, just last week we saw the announcement of service providers for the GSA work at YVR, YYC, YEG and YYZ. The employer, Onex and the AEA have already shown their intention to continue this outsourcing scheme with Tier 2 and Tier 3 bases in the hopes that workers don’t object too loudly.

If they are successful, it won’t be too long before they decide those workers doing the jobs at Tier 1 bases can be replaced with cheaper outsourced work.
We are asking you to be active in your future by speaking up about the Unifor union advantage. Let’s make a difference before it too late.

The most important thing you can do to help the union drive is to re-sign your union card today if it has been longer than 6 months or talk to your coworkers who have not yet signed a card.

It is a simple two-step process to join Unifor by clicking on the link below or sharing the QR code:



Step One: Fill in the card at by clicking on the link above. Please note that some fields are mandatory. You will also be required to sign the card using your finger or stylus on a touch screen device, or by using your computer mouse on a non-touch screen. When you are done, hit the “Click to Sign" button, and the card will be sent to Unifor’s Organizing Department. You will receive an email confirmation that you have sent in a card, and second email once Unifor has confirmed receipt of your card.

Step Two: Click on the PayPal button listed on the page to pay the $5 fee via PayPal – a secure online payment system. Unifor will never get your credit card information. You can pay this fee once you have
received the first confirmation email listed above.

How you can help the campaign:

  1. Talk to your co-workers about signing a union card.
  2. Get Social by joining us on Facebook at Unifor in Teal, WhatsApp or joining a zoom meeting.
  3. Share our weekly email updates with your friends or a co-worker!
  4. Check in on the campaign latest news at www.unifor.org/westjet

Billy O'Neill, Unifor
[email protected] | 416-605-1443

Ada Zampini, Unifor
[email protected] | 514-701-6227

Bruce Fafard, Unifor
[email protected] | 587-341-0945

British Columbia
Simon Lau, Unifor
[email protected] | 778-928-9630

Patrick Murray, Unifor
[email protected] | 506-850-7996



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