Today is a historical day as collective bargaining opened with the newly-formed Unifor Local 531 and WestJet. The collective bargaining process follows the hard work put forward by workers in their efforts to join the union. WestJet workers in Calgary and Vancouver joined Unifor in May 2021, and WestJetters in Toronto and Edmonton are still actively signing Unifor membership cards to join the union.

The video below tells the story of courage, conviction and triumph as workers exercised their rights to join the union. These workers prevailed through the sale of the company to Onex, the COVID-19 pandemic, and drastic cuts and outsourcing cuts across the company. Workers at WestJet in Vancouver and Calgary have a voice in the workplace. They look forward to Westjetters in Edmonton and Toronto joining with them as members of Unifor Local 531.

If you have friends that work at these bases and have not yet signed a Unifor membership card, let them know that they can do this at

Unifor represents 7,500 airport agents at other airlines, including Air Canada, Jazz, Porter, First Air, Calm Air and more. In all, Unifor represents more than 16,000 workers across the airline industry


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