It’s time for a Collective Agreement,  not a promise!

Excitement is growing at YYZ, and we have been receiving union membership cards at an increasing pace. WestJetters are hearing firsthand from their colleagues from other locations about the Unifor Advantage.

It has proven to be a fantastic week of engagement to dispel any myths about joining the union and discuss why workers do better when they actively negotiate language to protect and improve their jobs instead of relying on a promise from some managers or the AEA.

The Bargaining Committee members from Unifor Local 531 in YYC and YVR have been busy talking with WestJetters about the real power in being at the bargaining table as equals across from your employer talking about real solutions that will change the lives of workers.

Negotiating all of the terms and conditions of your employment is new for WestJet airport agents. As Unifor members, you will negotiate the language and conditions of employment that make a big difference in your job. Fair working procedures are just as important as wage increases and improved benefits. We feel confident that we will be able to negotiate a stronger collective agreement when YYZ and YEG join us as members of Unifor. Don’t just wait to see what we negotiate in YYC and YVR; join us and be a part of this historic journey.

We have heard some concerning reports that managers in YYZ have told workers they would receive the economic gains YVR and YYC negotiate, so they would be better off not joining the union and paying union dues.

Joining a Union is your right and is protected by law! Management and no person representing management can promise improved terms and conditions of employment as a means to dissuade you from joining the Union. The decision to join is solely up to the individual without any undue influence, threats or coercion from management. Every person is free to join a Union of their own choice. Section 8 of the Canada Labour Code (CLC).

If this continues, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will deal with it.

If you haven't talked to your coworkers at YYZ and YEG, let them know they can sign a Unifor Membership card today. It is time for them to join you at the bargaining table; they can do this at

[email protected]