More change at YVR while Ed Sims explains Onex WestJet's position on third party providers

A few weeks ago, we sent an update email, "Outsourcing who pays the Price", this article looked at the cost to workers when corporation outsource jobs. The report highlighted some of the changes at management levels between WestJet and third party providers. In comparison, we took a closer look at hiring opportunities for WestJetters who are out of work due to outsourcing.

Menzies Aviation circulated a letter of employment offer from their Regional Manager of Western Canada, Thomas Brown. Brown, a former WestJetter, sent employment offers to those WestJet workers on lay off and those who lost their jobs due to outsourcing.

The letter offers WestJet workers employment at five Airports surrounding YVR: Abbotsford, Victoria, Nanaimo, Comox and Kamloops. WestJetters joining Menzies are offered the following salary structure: $15.20 for the equivalent to a CSA, $16.20 for the equivalent to an Ops Lead.

It is of concern that these locations surround YVR, and it is possible that once this work transitions successfully, both Onex WestJet and Menzies will pursue future expansion agreements.

Last week an interview took place on the program Aviation StraightTalk Live with WestJet CEO Ed Sims. Sims, quoted as stating, "the aviation industry in Canada supports around a quarter of a million jobs directly and around three-quarters of a million jobs indirectly, its that indirect number that actually, for me, is a more powerful motivator than those people who are necessarily on the WestJet books."

Sims continued, "I would argue we've had outsourced suppliers in the US for the last 15 years while we've been operating to the US with no detriment to our net promotor school whatsoever."

The interview section that addresses outsourcing and the airline sector finished as Sims reaffirmed his belief that third-party contractors are part of the airlines' future.

"So, I think there are services where provided you work closely enough with your contractor partners, there is no dichotomy in your brand proposition, and your brand delivery and those are areas worth exploring", said Sims.

In other news this week, a surprise announcement from Dave Hamilton, WestJet GM Vancouver, has announced retirement after working for WestJet for only 4.5 years. Could this be an indicator of more change to come at YVR WestJet?

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