Scheduling Update
Unifor Local 531- October 27, 2021

With the most recent schedule release, we wanted to address some common concerns, and provide an update as we wrap on another week of bargaining with the company. 

From the time of seniority bidding to the schedule release in Staff Connect, shift times may be adjusted (start, end or both) due to operational or staffing needs. The most recent release is greatly impacted by a higher volume of new hires and attrition. Due to training and sign-off tasking, you will see shift times adjusted to accommodate these needs. 

Our collective agreement is coming together, but without ratification, we currently can only monitor that all labour laws and guidelines be met, which they currently are. We have engaged in conversation with our workforce team on how we can improve processes in the interim to provide a more satisfactory schedule release. 

We look forward to supporting you in the future with clear guidelines surrounding scheduling. We understand this is a top priority for our members. 

Together, we fly.



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