There are many benefits to joining a union, to you, your family and your community.

Consider that unionized workers make on average $5.17 more per hour than non-union workers. Women union members will make on average $6.89 more and young members (15-24) make on average $3.16 more.

All that adds up to nearly $823.3 million more every week that unionized workers take home, spend on the needs of their families and in local shops and services. In a very real way, by putting extra spending power in the hands of workers, unions help boost the local economies across the country.

Union members in Canada make up roughly 31 per cent of the workforce, which helps to bring more equity to their workplaces. Collective bargaining and pay equity measures negotiated by union significantly reduce the gap between what women are paid for their time, compared with men working the same hours.

Unifor is the bargaining agent for 315,000 workers across the country. Having a union gives workers a say on wages, benefits, schedules, a voice in the workplace and more.

The union represents you at the bargaining table and stands up for your issues and concerns. Having a union gives you a seat at the table with management and a real voice in your workplace.

If you have any questions about the union advantage, or anything else, please contact a member of your organizing team.
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Unifor is a Canadian union with a modern, inclusive approach to serving members and improving our workplaces and communities. // Unifor est un syndicat canadien qui a une approche moderne et inclusive pour servir ses membres et améliorer nos lieux de trav