Dear friend,

Over the last month, a lot has happened at WestJet.

Some flight attendants came out to say that WestJet often underpays cabin crew, with employees making below the minimum wage. The CBC has a story about this. From what we're hearing, this kind of behaviour from the company has encouraged many flight attendants to take part in their union drive currently organized by CUPE.

We know that things are getting in motion for the June launch of Swoop airlines. Many workers are feeling changes coming, and not always knowing what's happening. This kind of instability also pushes many workers to seek support and stability from a union collective agreement.

Things are also looking up for WestJet pilots. Since organizing a union last year, ALPA has been bargaining their first collective agreement. ALPA received positively the change of CEO at Westjet.

All this to say: things are moving at WestJet.

We're still making regular contact with WestJet customer service agents who are experiencing challenges at work. Those conversations are so important at this stage of the campaign: they allow us to get feedback from the ground, and start building a network of organizers who will carry this organizing drive forward.

If you are in contact with customer service agents at WestJet, don't forget to encourage them to consider what a union could do for them. Every contact counts!

Remember that you can always get in touch with me if you would like to chat, or have any questions.

Billy O'Neill, Unifor
[email protected] | 416-605-1443



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