This is an exciting day!

Thanks to your incredible efforts, you have built the majority of support required for Unifor to apply to the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) to represent WestJet Ramp Service Agents and Ramp Service Coordinators.

The employer will have 10 days to respond to our application. Unifor will keep you updated as we hear from the Labour Board.

Becoming a member of Unifor Local 531 allows you to join forces with thousands of WestJet employees who have experienced positive transformations by being part of Unifor. Our union has successfully advocated for Ramp Service Leads, Customer Service Agents, Baggage Service Agents, and other Coordinators, securing improved pay, benefits, and enhanced working conditions.

Unifor stands as a powerful advocate for aviation workers across Canada, consistently fighting for their rights, interests, and overall well-being. You will be part of a community of over 16,000 individuals in the air transportation industry, including customer service agents, pilots, ground handlers, and air traffic controllers, who already enjoy the advantages of Unifor membership. They have successfully bargained for strong collective agreements through their elected representatives, and you can join them in benefiting from this collective strength.

Stay tuned for more details!

In Solidarity

Billy O'Neill
[email protected]

Lucy Alessio
[email protected]